Body Shaping Programme

Most clients would like to decrease body fat, and feel and look better. This is still the most compelling motivation to visit the gym or see a trainer.

Some people like to set a benchmark for training. I can take measurements if that is desired, especially if a certain event is the goal, with a certain dress to fit into.

Our programme to re-shape and tone your body starts with an assessment of your body. We review your strengths, weaknesses, tightness, injuries, and posture.

From there, we set goals. Often, this will be your goal for something specific, but I will most likely also have an idea about what we should go for.

I will then plan your program. This will be comprised of different methods to achieve your goals in a smart way. It will typically include:

Posture Correction


Great posture feels great.

Great posture makes us look younger.

Great posture makes us move better.

I lovestudying people’s posture! And even more than that, improving their posture.

We all know about the hunched posture that is increasingly emerging from spending too much time sitting in front of computers, looking at phones, etc.

Many of us additionally suffer from neck issues like tension, pain, and headache. Again, this can be due to poor posture and weak postural muscles.

Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Training


It is such a pleasure to help women during and after pregnancy.

Exercising through pregnancy offers a multitude of benefits. It is a time of great change, both physical and psychological. The body needs extra care and consideration when training during pregnancy. Importantly, the training needs to be tailored throughout the pregnancy.

Many pregnant women are surprised to learn how much they can actually do under the right guidance. The rewards are many:

  • A greater sense of well-being
  • Improved posture
  • Preparation for birth, including increased stamina
  • Better oxygenation for mother and baby

Ballet-Barre Training

Ballet Barre

Use the Bаllеt Barre to tоnе your body to be graceful.  You will find when partaking іn thіѕ intense training you strengthen thе bоdу. Ballet Barre an excellent fоrm оf рhуѕісаl low impact exercise with desirable rеѕultѕ in shortest amount of time than any other exercise form.  Your body will be lengthened to make you look slimmer, stronger and in-trend.   Anne-mette can deliver short session at your home.  She will bring all equipment and tools need to your place.

The Barre Workout will tone and lengthen your muscles.  Core work and strength work, in high-repetition combinations, will result in muscle tone without muscle bulk.

We believe that great posture and a more flexible body make you look much younger and give you a more comfortable body to live in.

The Barre Workout is a dynamic workout using ballet inspired moves, incorporating Pilates and Yoga based moves.

We use dumbbells, elastic bands, Pilates’ balls and other props in high-repetition sequences for added intensity and variety.  This works your muscles to fatigue with small isometric contractions.

Self-Care - Myofascial Massage


Myofascial massage

Myofascial care and self-massage – a great way to maintain flexibility and release tension in tight muscles.  Myofascial care can enhance fitness and increase performance.

What is Myofascial Care?

Fascia is the fibrous and gelatinous web or soft tissue scaffolding that gives your body its form and shape.  It connects muscular proteins, bones, ligaments and tendons to one another.

Myofascia is defined as a layer of loose but strong connective tissue, often containing fat, covering and investing all muscles.  You could almost say that fascia is a sponge-like texture and it needs to stay hydrated to function and to keep your body’s ability to function.

Flexibility Training

Being flexible not only feels great. Flexibility is also the key to avoid injuries and create better posture.

Flexibility of the spine together with good core strength is answer to a healthy back and looking younger.

Most people suffer from tight hamstrings and tight hip flexors. I see young and older with the same problems, the more we sit the greater the problem.

Tight muscles also occur when exercising, especially resistance training. The repeated shortening of the muscle during repetitions while training needs a lot of stretching to recover and most of us neglect this area.

Resistance training often focus on the global muscles and neglect the smaller local muscles. This can become a problem in the long run as the body recruits the stronger and dominating muscles and the smaller supporting muscles become weaker.

You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions.”

–Joseph Pilates