Online Pilates Workouts

My online Pilates workouts are designed to give you Pilates and Fitness, Strength and Toning exercises that you can do by yourself at home.

Each workout is structured so that there are exercise options for both beginners and more advanced Pilates students. I release a new video every week.

You can either purchase a single video for lifetime access, or sign up for monthly membership that will give you continued access to my whole library of online Pilates workouts.

Find out more about each workout by clicking on the images below.

Online Pilates Monthly membership

Get all Scandi Pilates online workouts with a single monthly payment of £14.99. New workouts are released each week.

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Stretch & Core Workout

(20 mins)

Stretch and Core Scandi Pilates Workout

Lower Body & Core Workout

(20 mins)

Lower Body and Core Scandi Pilates

Upper Body Toning

(18 mins)

Upper Body Toning Workout Scandi Pilates

Ballet Barre Workout

(30 mins)

Ballet Barre Workout Scandi Pilates

Pilates Workout for Everyone

(30 mins)

Scandi Pilates for Everyone Workout

Ballet Barre with chair

(25 mins)

Anne-Mette ballet barre chair

Lower Body & Core on mat

(20 mins)

Anne-Mette lower body core

A taster video for you to try!

Start with a Stretch!

Anne-Mette neck stretch

This is a quick 15 minutes mobility stretching session for you to enjoy today!

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Avoid getting the 'tech neck'

Enjoy a neck & shoulder release

Anne-Mette neck stretchTry this 9 minute sample session to really relieve the tension in neck and shoulders that afflicts so many of us who work (and play) at screens!

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