Self Care

Myofascial massage

Myofascial care and self-massage – a great way to maintain flexibility and release tension in tight muscles.  Myofascial care can enhance fitness and increase performance.

What is Myofascial Care?

Fascia is the fibrous and gelatinous web or soft tissue scaffolding that gives your body its form and shape.  It connects muscular proteins, bones, ligaments and tendons to one another.

Myofascia is defined as a layer of loose but strong connective tissue, often containing fat, covering and investing all muscles.  You could almost say that fascia is a sponge-like texture and it needs to stay hydrated to function and to keep your body’s ability to function.

The function of fascia is to reduce friction and minimise the reduction of muscular force.  Fascia transmits movement from muscle to bone.

Once we understand that we are like that on the inside, keeping our fascia hydrated takes on more importance.

By using the Yoga Tune Up Balls on a regular basis, using simple rolling techniques, you can achieve many benefits such as:

  • reduce or relieve muscle pain and soreness
  • reduce recovery time between workouts
  • prevent injuries by making tissue more flexible and supple
  • improve pain management of conditions such as arthritis & sciatica
  • calm the nervous system which improves well-being
  • improve blood circulation which will deliver more oxygen and nutrients to cells
  • stimulate the lymphatic system that gets rid of waste products in the body
  • improve the immune system
  • improve mood and reduce the harmful effects of stress, anxiety and depression
  • increase self-awareness
  • awaken sensory system

Yoga Tune Up Balls

To practice myofacial care we use Yoga Tune Up Balls – high-grip rubber balls which, when used correctly, will penetrate through layers of skin and muscle to massage deeply into high tension areas.

Most injuries are fascial and not muscular.  It is, therefore, important to keep the fascia hydrated so that all of our soft tissue can glide on one another as they are designed to do.